The 5 Must-Have Items Every Expecting Mom Needs In Their Closet

One of the first signs of pregnancy is your clothes fitting a bit snugger than usual. Don’t fear that cute little growing bump moms! Pregnancy is one of the most joyous and beautiful experiences in your life. Being pregnant also comes with a few perks. You can indulge in delicious food, design the perfect nursery, and shop for a whole a new wardrobe. These days, there are so many cute and classic maternity clothes options for that fashionista mama. Here are 5 of the must-have items every expecting mom needs to stay fashionable, chic, and most importantly, comfortable!

  1. Maternity Leggings - Let's face it, even without that growing baby bump, every mom needs a good pair of comfy leggings. Being pregnant, however, makes it a necessity. Leggings are great to wear with a top or to throw under a dress that has become too short due to the growing bump. Finding the perfect pair of leggings that are soft and stretchy enough to adjust to the tummy, makes it convenient for all stages of your pregnancy. 
  2. Maternity Cami - Camis are a definite staple in any mom-to-be's wardrobe. Camis are fantastic to layer under tops, sweaters, and perfect to wear when lounging around. Make sure you find camis that are long enough to go over the belly and ones that have adjustable straps.
  3. Maternity Floral Dress - Nothing gives a mama that pregnancy glow more than a beautiful floral dress! Floral dresses are perfect to wear for a baby shower any season of the year. 
  4. Nursing/Wrap Maternity Dress - This dress is essential for pregnancy and post-pregnancy. The wrap style drapes over the belly nicely during pregnancy and makes it so effortless to nurse your baby after giving birth.
  5. Maternity Maxi Dress - Last but not least, and a favorite, is the maxi dress. Maxi dresses are fabulous to wear because not only are they fashionable, they're comfortable too! The flowy design of a maxi dress allows both you and your baby bump to breathe. You can also wear it throughout all stages of your pregnancy. 

Now that you expecting mamas have an idea of the essential items to have in your closet, check out for some gorgeous options for your maternity wear!